We are keenly interested in purchasing top quality examples by all Colorado,Western, American and Regional artists whose works are featured on our website, and all painters listed on our artists wanted page. We bring both experience and selectivity to the acquisition process, and try to be both objective in our valuations while being fair with any purchase offers. For a complimentary verbal fair market value appraisal of a painting or collection, please email Neal at with a digital snapshot and dimensions, including your contact information, and we’ll get back to you right away. Or call 303.399.3119


Top cash prices paid for representative works, in good condition, by the following deceased American and Western Artists:

Dwight Dwight Williams Huntington
Datus E. Myers
Charles Partridge Adams
Robert Wesley Amick
Jozef Bakos
Albert Bancroft
William Bancroft
John Fabian Carlson
Helen Henderson Chain
Samuel Coleman
A.D.M. Cooper
Alexis Compera
Charles Craig
Edward S. Curtis
Randall Davey
Gerard Curtis Delano
Otis Dozier
Eve Marie Drewelowe
Henry Arthur Elkins
John Ferry
David Friedenthal
Robert Alexander Graham
Laura Gilpin
Hamilton Hamilton
Edward Hill
John Hillers
Joseph Hitchens
Ransome Holdredge
John Dare Howland
Laton Alton Huffman
William Henry Jackson
Ferdinand Kaufman
John F. Kensett
Gene Kloss
Anna Elizabeth Keener
Vance Kirkland
Nellie Augusta Knopf
Barbara Latham
Sidney Mortimer Lawrence
Harry Learned
Raphael Lillywhite
Carl G. Lotave
Arthur Haddock
Hayes Lyon
Hayes Paxton Lyon
Charles Waldo Love
Ethel Magafan
Jenne Magafan
Louis Henry Meakin
Frank Albert Mechau
Louis Henry Meakin
Ralph Waldo Emerson Meyers
Harrison Mills
Lloyd Moylan
Alfred Morang
Ila Mae Mcafee
Frank Harmon Myers
Orin Sheldon Parsons
Walter Paris
Henry Read
Carl Redin
Robert Reid
Anne Ritter
Warren E. Rollins
Sven Birger Sandzen
Fred Shane
Francis Drexel Smith
Frank Paul Sauerwein
Leslie Skelton
Charles Stewart Stobie
Richard Tallant
John Edward Thompson
Elmer Turner
Frank Joseph Vavra
Carl Von Hassler
Al;fred Wands
Muriel Sibell Wolle
Carl Woolsey
Wood Woolsey
Harvey Otis Young
Emil Bisttram
Maurince Braun
Gustave Baumann
Gerald Cassidy
Howard Cook
Robert Lindneux
Carl Everton Moon
Doel Reed
William Sanderson
Paul Kauvar Smith
Allen Tupper True
Clayton Henri Staples
Fremont Ellis
Walter Chappell
Elliot Porter
Ben Wittick
Richard Throssel
F. Jay Haynes
John K. Hillers
Adam Clark Vroman
Roland Reed
Ace Powell
William Standing
Gunnar Widforss
Robert Wood
Henry Farny
Karl Bodmer
George Catlin
Henry Balink
Jules Dahlager
Joe Beeler
Hans Kleiber
Edgar Alwyn Payne
Burt Procter
Charles Ragland Bunnell
Tomar Jacob Heileman
Russell Chatham
Maynard Dixon
Carl Oscar Borg
Joseph Fleck
Winnold Reiss


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