Neal Smith has specialized in historic paintings by deceased Colorado, Rocky Mountain and Western Artists for 40 years. Seeking, evaluating, appraising and acquiring is what we do., We’ve owned paintings by a substantial number, a majority, of the artists listed., and are eager to see what you may have for valuation and possible sale.

We’re seeking paintings which best exemplify the style and subject matter of known examples - pictures with dramatic lightning, strong composition, historic themes or content, and good or acceptable condition.

Dialogue begins with an email/text with image, details and contact information, and we’ll respond promptly with a preliminary market value estimate. Logistics and settlement can be handled expeditiously with Federal Express.

Neal’s diverse art career began with vintage 19th century western photography, and antique prints, to beginning in the late 70;s the search for paintings I’ve placed pictures with a number of regional museums, curated and sold private collections of Colorado paintings, all the while participating in important regional antiques and fine art shows, including thirty years in Santa Fe. Also noteworthy - www.finepaintings.com, was the first fine art website west of the Mississippi.